Friday, March 16, 2012

Weddings..or Basketball?

Normally I am not the type of girl to be interested in sports nor do I pretend to be. Even when I went to Maryland which has some pretty good sports and free tickets..I still didn't go. Butttt get some kind of bet involved and I will be right there screaming more than any of guy. Case in point - March Madness. This is the second year I have made my own bracket. Andrew and I play against each other for our own personal bet. This year it's fro-yo if I win, Chipotle if he wins. So for the past two days I have been watching nonstop basketball and checking scores on my phone during class and work like a crazy boy, screaming at my television when they miss the basket at the buzzer. I thought I would take a little break from my sports mania to watch TLC Brideday! My favorite! So here are my thoughts on tonight's episode of Four Weddings.

Sarah - Monster truck limo? Woah never seen that before. Definitely not my style. Also not a fan of the ceremony chairs, they look like plastic chairs you'd have at a backyard BBQ. Very country and western. Horseshoes, cowboy hats and boots, tea, lemonade, keg.. works for them and their theme. Table decor is too grandma's house for me, I think there's a way to do country and stay contemporary. Buffet of BBQ food..obviouslyyyy. Country is clearly not my style and since everything in the wedding from the dress to the food to the venue all sticks to the theme it's hard for me to get around. Props to her for planning a wedding under $10,000 though, not something I think I could do! Overrall score..5!

Ashley - Alice and Wonderland theme! Such a bold theme isn't for me but I think it could be really fun to attend. The ceremony is after the sun has already gone down, I like how the lights strung around make it look romantic. Chair covers..blahhh. I think they always look tacky and like you need to cover up an ugly chair underneath. The courtyard for cocktail hour looks really cute with red and black paper lanterns hanging! I love signature drinks! Lots of things to keep with the theme well in this wedding; croquet, tea pots, cards. Hookahs at a wedding though...not so much. Overrall score..8!

Dena - Pretty simple outdoor country club ceremony. I don't like her bouquet made of daisies. I love daisies, just not in a bridal bouquet. Awkward that the event is not separated from others at the country club. Not a good move on the facilities part. A buffet dinner, not something I would do for my wedding. The decor was pretty simple, but I liked her colors. The tips from her kindergarten students for a happy marriage is adorable. The theme seemed more pink daises then kid themed? My overall score.. 6!

Shannon - I think the antique keys with table numbers attached and hung on a tree is cute.'s been four months since they've kissed?! Why was that not explained further? Anyway, love the flower petals set up like keys down the aisle, great use of theme. I like the reception space with the antique looking chandeliers, a little draping, and purple uplighting. I don't think there was an option for dinner, a big no-no for me, I think you should always give people some kind of choice. Card board cut-outs of the bride and groom...kind of strange? I don't really know how I feel about it. My overall score.. 6!

Ashley's got my vote in this one! And the winner is...Ashley!

Eeeee I cannot wait to plan my own wedding one day! Or hopefully assist in planning others in the meantime! That is why I am getting into events, to help bring people happiness on their special days!


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