Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Wish List

Every year for Easter my mom gets my sisters and I some new spring clothes, so today I made my wish list! It's full of a lot of brights, especially corals. J.Crew seemed to dominate the list, there are just too much things I want from there!

Here are some of the things that were on it!

1. J.Crew Trudy Peacoat - Sale $118
2. Target Xhilaration Bikini - $14.99 each
8. Derng Pave Sideways Cross Bracelet - $11 !!! (So cute and thought this was a perfect gift for Easter)
9. J.Crew Origami Mini - Sale $89.99

It was just decided today that Andrew is flying home for the weekend and spending Easter with me too so I am extra excited! Even though my youngest sister is 13 now, we still do an Easter egg hunt in the morning. I love the tradition and the chance to feel like a kid again, even though were super competitive with each other about it now. We also like to battle our dyed Easter eggs, we bump them against them each other and whoever's egg cracks first loses. I love little traditions that families have. Does anyone have any fun Easter traditions with their families?


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