Monday, March 12, 2012

Anniversary Weekend!

So today is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, Andrew! It does not feel like a year has gone by at all. Sometimes it's hard because I am currently at school in Rhode Island and he is at school allllll the way in Indiana. Over 1000 miles separates us on a regular basis, but we find a way to see each other one weekend a month whether one of us is flying to see the other or both meeting back at home in New Jersey. This past weekend Andrew flew to visit me. It was a great weekend, we had a lot of fun and ate A LOT of good food!

After our first dinner I was so full that I was literally in pain so bad that I would regret it if everything that contributed to it wasn't so amazing.

Providence Oyster Bar
We originally had reservations at an Italian restaurant but had a change of heart (or I'm just picky) and decided to go to the seafood route instead. Andrew and I like to try a lot of new restaurants and we both agree that seafood is one of our favorite things to eat. The dipping sauce that we were given with our bread was the best dipping sauce I have ever had, it was so different! Our server told us everything that was in it but it was too much to remember, I know it had canola oil, balsamic, and hot sauce but that's all I remember, I wish I had written it down because it was really great. We started off with bacon wrapped scallops with maple syrup. AMAZE. Best thing of the entire weekend I might have to say. The scallops and bacon were cooked just perfectly and the syrup gave justtt the right amount of sweetness. Then we split a bowl of lobster bisque. I am obsessed with lobster bisque, I would say this one was good but nothing fantastic. Andrew got seared ahi tuna with lobster wontons for his meal. I thought the wontons were a little spicy, but I think any spice is spicy, I am a real baby about it. I had swordfish with asparagus and lobster mashed potatoes. The fact that it came with lobster mashed potatoes sealed the deal for me with this.

Now if we weren't full enough after this we decided to go down the street for dessert!

I walk by this little cafe/bakery right by my apartment all the time and it always looks crowded but I hadn't gotten the chance to try it out until now. Luckily we came in before a crowd arrived. Andrew had chocolate layer cake and I had a chocolate bundt cake. We argued over whose dessert was more chocolately, not a bad argument. The homemade whipped cream that came with mine put my choice in first place in my opinion. After this we literally could not move without being in pain, but it was totally worth it.

Next morning, brunch! I love when Andrew comes to visit, he always spoils me with such great meals that I wouldn't otherwise have at school without my parents coming to visit.

Cafe Dolce Vita
A problem Andrew and I usually face in deciding on where to eat weekends after we wake up is somewhere to get lunch or breakfast. I love breakfast food, while after a certain time even if he has just woken up Andrew prefers lunch food, so I love a good brunch. Andrew got a chicken parmesan sandwich, which is not something I enjoy so I can't say much about, but he had no complaints. Another menu item that I am a constant sucker for is stuffed french toast. It was stuffed with raspberry chocolate chip ricotta cannoli cream and topped with fresh strawberries. What a mouth-full. It was good, but a little dry and syrup just didn't compliment the stuffing right, I would have liked some other kind of dipping sauce to go with it, like a raspberry reduction sauce.

And finally a dinner at

Chapel Grille
This restaurant is really pretty from the inside and out. We were interested in knowing whether it was built as a restaurant or actually used to be an old chapel, but we didn't see anything online about it. Anyway, after a bit a slow start with our service we liked how we were given a sample of oils from four different countries and taste how each one was different. We started off with a four cheese scallion pizza, it was good, the crust was really light and crispy. Andrew got linguine and clams, I am not usually a fan of clams, but I keep trying them and I think this one was the best one I have ever had. I got scallops (after still dreaming about the appetizer from the day before) and chose mashed potatoes and penne vodka as my sides. Mashed potatoes tasted like they were instant, a disappointment. The penne vodka side was huge and very good. For my dessert I got an apple pizza which was a very thin puff pastry so I am not exactly sure where the apple was coming from but I could definitely taste it. Andrew got chocolate mousse. Dark, milk, white, and mocha. I am not the biggest fan of white chocolate normally but in a mousse it was fantastic and I loved the appearance of it.

Ah! So much delicious food! I miss it and Andrew already! I am so thankful for such a great anniversary weekend, and I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


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