Friday, March 2, 2012

First Post!


This is the first time I have ever written a personal blog so bear with me while I try to get used to it (and hopefully stick with it)! I had originally thought that I wanted to start a blog to document my experiences and travels throughout Spain this upcoming June, but I decided to start a little early.

I am still not exactly sure what is to come of this blog. A mix of my lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, events, whatever comes into my life or head!

I guess for my first post I will give a little introduction about myself. My name is Hollyann, but no one has referred to me by that name since about 3rd grade, it feels so formal, I prefer Holly. I was trying to think of a name for my blog and my boyfriend suggested, "Holly Meets World", I don't know if he meant it seriously or as a joke since I watched Boy Meets World all day, but regardless I decided that I liked it and it was a good name to cover all the possible things I could discuss and share through my blog. I am a student at Johnson & Wales University studying Event Management. I previously spent two years at the University of Maryland where I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist, but luckily I realized pretty quickly that it just wasn't the right fit for me. I transferred to JWU and have to say that I really do enjoy the subjects of my new classes much more. I am obsessed with weddings, literally. I don't think that planning one wedding in my life will be fulfilling enough, so rather than have to plan multiple of my own, I would like to help plan others, and that is partially how I decided on my current major. I am also extremely organized and detail-oriented, also plusses for my choice of career path.

I am going on a little longer than I wanted to with this post and I can feel my eyelids getting heavy, so I think it's about time to wrap it up, I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say in the future.


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